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Version Shoutbox 1.7.0

Message par Royaume Uni Mykecoff11 » 14 sept. 2020, 09:26
I no longer understand the forum tells me that a version 1.6.0 has just been released and that you give me version 1.7.0 that I cannot install I have asked for help I wait can you tell me more thank you in the waiting
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Version Shoutbox 1.7.0

Message par France Sylver35 » 14 sept. 2020, 09:45

I split your post from another member's subject.
Now the target version is 1.7.0 ->

You say you can't install the new version, but without any indication of error or whatever, I can't say anything, I don't have a crystal ball, then you give no indication of your forum version.
In addition, in your profile, you indicate google as your forum url ...
Without the right url, I can't see anything.
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